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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by injurylawhelp 10 / 10

Smart, Funny, and will watch again and again!

The chemistry of Thora and Chris as they compete reminds of the old Grant and Hepburn movies, but with a timely twist. You start with a great script, my favorite director, and a great team of producers, and you end up with a battle of the wits that is steeped in romance and full of many laugh out loud moments. I'm a Thora Birch fan from the get-go, but the depth and insight she brought to the character blew me away. Chris Klein has honed his romantic lead ability he's been leading with since he was a kid. I love the dynamic Claire Coffee gets in her role and as usual, she nailed it!. Tiffany Fallon shows her comedic flair is as awesome as her beauty. I'm always impressed with Harvey Lowry calling the shots, but it was a blast to see him on the other side of the camera. Kelsey Tucker envisioned and wrote this smart screenplay, and then she produced and acted in it. That's a triple threat talent you don't see often. Rachel Meyer and Jasmine Fontes worked their magic to make things happen magically. Too many great talents to mention, but they all deserve mentioning. A perfect date movie that's entertaining for anyone. Even a dude like me who couldn't wait for his significant other to join him. That's alright, I'll watch it again. And again! Highly recommend this Rom-Com with a new twist to the classic genre.

Reviewed by thekarmicnomad 3 / 10

Ice princess vs mannequin boy

A woman only dates men for 6 months, some guy is persuaded to try and seduce her. He falls for her then, for a laugh, they wreck loads of his friends relationships.

This is basically a twist on Never Been Kissed - which I am ok with - but it lacks in most areas.

The leads are especially weak here.
I like Thora Birch but she is really badly cast here.
She hasn't got enough warmth to carry this off - Chris Klien gives the most wooden performance I have seen since Phantom Menace.

The morals of the plot are a bit twisted,
It is hard to feel good for the characters when it all comes to a head.

Bland, unemotional with no pzazz!

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